Unclogging Toilets

Toilets become totally clogged or backed up for several different reasons; one reason is too much toilet paper too much waste in the toilet or a possibility depending on where you are in the house that line could be clogged. One thing you can do to unclog that backed-up slow draining toilet is to use a plunger not rapidly, but slowly - push down one hold, two hold and 3. If the toilet does not become unclogged or drain faster then you need to call a professional drain cleaner like Just Drains.

Pouring liquid chemical drain clog removers such as Liquid-Plumr® and other items into the toilet can damage the finish and possibly leak on the floor if the wax ring underneath was or is compromised.

The best way to ensure no problems with your toilet is to use Scott ® toilet paper and hold the handle down when flushing. In addition, you should remove any shelving over the back of the toilet because something might fall into it by accident and of course children love throwing their toys in the toilet as well.

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Unclog toilet with reverse auger

To auger toilet from bottom; this does not cover removing toilet from flange or j-bolt wax ring or water supply.

Toilet Auger Clear a Clogged or back up Toilet

To clear or unclog a clogged toilet by auger.