Kitchen Sinks

Unclogging Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks become slow, kitchen sinks become clogged and kitchen sinks become backed up for many different reasons but the primary reason is that there are large amounts of grease poured down the drain.

Kitchen sinks can also become backed up when they have a garbage disposal attached to them. When a garbage disposal has rice, pasta, fresh vegetables and other things like eggshells even bottle tops and glass they can cause a kitchen sink to clog.

To prevent your kitchen sink from becoming backed up, wipe everything off into the trashcan prior to putting it in the sink, use Dawn® dishwashing liquid to wash in cold water first then wash is a normal temperature after.

If you experience a clogged drain problem, do not pour liquid chemical drain clog removers such as Liquid-Plumr® down your drains - give Just Drains a call we'll handle it for you.

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Unclog Kitchen Sink

To clear a residential sink from clean out without acid. This does not include dismantling any pipes.

Clear Unclog clogged Mop Sink

This Item covers running a 1/2 or 3/8 cable thur mop sink drain however log the run. We are not responsible for the screws if lost while removing or installing.

Garbage Disposal

Jam Inspect / Un jam / Un clog Garbage Disposal without removing from installed location.