Video Inspection for CCTV Inspection

A video inspection is simply a camera put into a main sewer line or house line of any commercial, industrial, or residential building to see what's going on and why it may be having issues or why there may be smells rising out of the toilets.

ThereĀ are different ways of inspecting the line either with a push camera or with a remote control camera remote control car.

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CCTV Sewer or Main Line inspection

Covers Using Either The 1.5 In Or The 2in Cameras To View / Inspect Any Waste Line/Storm Line /Potable Line/Duct Work. This Does Not Cover Finding An Access Point, Nor Does It Cover Accessing The Line Such As Removing A Cover Or Digging To Access Or Removing A Toilet.

Locate Sewer or Clogged Lateral

Locate line either in or out of foundation with Sonar to detect the Location and Dept/Pitch.

Video of Sewer drain Line

CCTV Sewer or Video Main Line to create DVD of sewer line under 30 min no report.