Drain & Sewer Stories

Assessing the status of an unknown drain line in an existing house

We had a client who recently purchased a house. They wanted to get the water turned on and add a bathroom to the basement of the house. They knew they had drain pipe in the house but they didn’t know what kind of line it was connected to or how good a shape the line was in. So they called Just Drains to (a) see the status of the line and (b) determine what kind of line it was.

Just-Drains put a camera in the line and figured out it was a sewer line. Then we determined the status of the sewer line and whether it had roots built up in it, a blockage, rust, or cracks and if it was connected to the city’s main line or storm line. We discovered that the sewer line was connected to the main city line but the the line was no good. The customer ended-up having to remove and tear out the entire old sewer line and install a new one before they could continue with their project.

This is an example of the type of work we do at Just-Drains. If you acquire a new house with an unknown drain, sewer or main line situation, give us a call, 24-hours a day. We will come out and ascertain the status of the line for you using some of the best industry tools available.

We at Just Drains used the following services on this job: