Commercial Service

In business, time is money! Rely on Just Drains for fast, professional and dependable commercial drain and sewer service around-the-clock.

Weekends, after hours, holidays; we’re here to help get you back on track! No job is too big or too small: from clogged sinks, grease traps, toilets, pipes & drains to major commercial drain and sewer issues, we offer state of the art technology and over 25 years of experience to solve any sewer or drain problem. Fully insured, dependable, and Professional; contact the commercial sewer and drain pros at Just Drains today to solve your drain issues.


Commercial and municipal buildings often have floor drains and grease traps to make cleanup easier. Floor drains and grease traps clog easier because tracked in dirt, grease, small items that fall on the floor and other debris get washed down these drains. Grease builds up over time, even with regular cleaning of the grease trap. The grease makes its way through the pipes below the grease trap and could clog the lines going out of your building.

Just Drains can scope and clean the drains and pipes in your commercial business to ensure the system does not back up and shut you down.

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