Storm lines collect leaves and other debris that does not flow through to the city sewer lines or can suffer from root intrusion. After some time, storm lines can become slow, creating backups. After heavy rains, or during winter, plugged storm sewer drains can overflow and flood; leaving sidewalks, streets and parking lots flooded or worse yet, create a slip and fall risk.

At Just Drains we use high velocity water jetting as an effective and safe way to clean out roots, debris and any build-up. One way to avoid costly and dangerous backups of storm drains is regular maintenance before a problem arises. Just Drains can create and track a cleaning schedule that will help you manage your Storm drains effectively.

No job is too big or too small! Just Drains offers state of the art technology to solve any commercial drain problem. Because we know that drain issues can occur at any time, we offer emergency 24/7 service, even on holidays to get you back on track quickly!

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