A main sewer line goes from your building and connects to the city sewer. Main lines become blocked for a number of reasons: they are heavily used and carry all waste from the building to the city main, waste collects and builds up resulting in smaller lines constricting causing the line to become slow or severally blocked or blockages can occur due to tree roots entering the sewer line.

At Just Drains, we suggest snaking the line or if problems are present, using video inspection to determine the cause of the issue.

Regular maintenance of sewer main lines by Just Drains experts can prevent costly and time consuming clogs and backups. Not sure what schedule you should be on? Just Drains can create a maintenance schedule to fit your needs.

No job is too big or too small! Just Drains offers state of the art technology to solve any commercial drain problem. Because we know that drain issues can occur at any time, we offer emergency 24/7 service, even on holidays to get you back on track quickly!

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