Plumbing drains in bathroom tubs become slow or become totally clogged and no water can go down because of hair and other items in drain. Normally, there is a strainer over the drain and when that is removed then bigger items can get down the drain and clog the tub.

When your tub drain has standing water it could be because of blocked plumbing. When trying to unclog a slow draining or a totally blocked up tub, you should never put liquid chemical drain clog removers such as Liquid-Plumr® in the drain as it could cause serious burns. Seek a drain professional to assist in clearing the clog and purchase a screen that would go over the tub drain to lessen clogs in the future. Clogged or slow drains? Fully insured, dependable, and Professional; ncontact the drain pros at Just Drains today to solve your drain or sewer issues.

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