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Just Drains ™ Quality Drain and Sewer Service!


Just Drains is a 

24 Hr. Emergency Drain and Sewer Cleaning Company. 

We maintain the clogged drains and blocked sewer lines for people and companies 

all over Massachusetts 617-265-2828 ,Queens New York, Rhode Island 877-737-2460.  

No job is is too big or too small for our Drain and Sewer Specialists.

Check-out our Flat Fee Drain Cleaning Service Specials for

 residential Bathrooms and Kitchens!     

Boston Metro 617-265-2828  RI 877-737-2460


Just Drains™ Specializes in handling the following jobs:

                               * Big Jobs, Small Jobs & Corporate Accounts

                                * Clogged Sinks, Clogged Tubs Drain, Unclog Toilet, French Drains

                                * Kitchen Sink Drain, Floor Drain, Grease Trap, Shower Drain

                                * Homes, Apartments, Condominiums, & Town houses

                                * Restaurants and General Businesses

                                * Sewer Jetting and Inspection Camera for Sewer Lines

                                * Main Line Root Maintenance

                                * Hydro-Jetting of Sewer Lines

                                * Sewer Line Cleaning and Maintenance Contracts

                                * Pre-Home Inspection of Sewer

                                 * Pre and Post Construction Sewer Inspection

                                 * Sewer Lining (CIP)

                                 * Drain Flies

                                 * Drain and Sewer Insurance  Drain Shield

Let Just Drains™ be your dedicated personal 24 Hr. Drain Cleaning and Sewer Cleaning Service to take care of all your drain and sewer cleaning and repairs. Save money with  Drain Shield, On the average saves 23% over the course of a year.Call Just-Drains today. Mention our website and receive a $25 discount!